“After struggling with Lupus for years, Juice Plus+ changed my life.  How?  My blood work results are the best they’ve ever been.  I’m no longer fatigued.  My hair has grown back.  My skin has cleared up.  No more brain fog.  My dental health, sleep, and vision have improved, too!”  (A.A.)

“I have harvested so much lettuce and parsley with my Tower Garden that I donate to the meals-on-wheels program in town.”  (J.)

“When I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, they gave me steroids for the pain.  But the pain came back, so I made an appointment with Michelina.  She empowered me with some important facts about nutrition, as well as what to avoid, and how it affects inflammation in my body.  I began taking Juice Plus+every day and since then have not taken any pain medication.  I was told by my doctor the pain would last 6-18 months.  Thanks to Michelina, whole foods nutrition calmed the inflammation and eliminated the pain.  I definitely recommend consulting with Michelina on your nutrition and health questions!”  (A.S.)  

“Loving my Tower Garden!  We are harvesting daily!  Could not be happier with our ‘grocery store.’”  (K.M.)

“In 2006, I developed alopecia on my scalp.  I tried many chemical treatments with no success.  After taking Juice Plus+ for just six weeks I went to get my hair colored, and my hair colorist informed me that my hair was growing back.  I nearly fell off the chair!  For almost ten years I had been struggling with this condition, and all I needed was to add more phytonutrients to my body with NSF certified whole food, plant-based nutrition.  The list of benefits goes on and on for my health and the health of my family.  We will be on Juice Plus+ for the rest of our lives.  Michelina has not only helped me with nutrition but has helped me on so many levels.  Please get in touch with her.  Michelina will change your life!!!”  (A.P.)

“Our Tower Garden thrives even in the brutal Texas summers!  It is growing like crazy, and it’s so easy to maintain.”  (M.)
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