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Recommended Plant-based Nutrition:
1.) JuicePlus+ Capsules
These convenient capsules provide whole food, plant-based nutrition from 30 different vine-ripened fruits, vegetables, grains, and berries.  Gluten-free.  Dairy-free.  NSF certified. Non-GMO.  Each ingredient is selected to provide a wide range of nutritional benefits.  Available in three capsule blends to meet your diet and lifestyle needs: 
1.) Orchard & Garden Blends
2.) Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blends
3.) Vineyard Blend
chewables2.) Juice Plus+ Chewables
The three Juice Plus+ capsule blends are also available in a delicious, soft, chewable form!  Great for anyone but especially children 4yrs and older.  In fact, children will receive the Orchard & Garden blends FREE for 4 full years through college with any adult sponsor!  NO high fructose corn syrup.  No artificial flavors or colors.   Gluten-free.  Dairy-free.  NSF Certified.  Non-GMO.   Available in three chewable blends to meet your diet and lifestyle needs: 
1.) Orchard & Garden Blends
2.) Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blends
3.) Vineyard Blend
3.) JuicePlus+ Complete Shake
You’ll find the whole food, plant-based goodness of Juice Plus+ in every scoop of our Complete Shake Mix.  Use as a meal substitute, an energizing breakfast, a before or after workout drink, or a delicious afternoon snack.  Great for kids, too!  Gluten-free.  Dairy-free.  Non-GMO.  Available in two flavors:
1.) Dutch Chocolate
2.) French Vanilla
bars4.) Juice Plus+ Nutrition Bars
The balanced nutrition of Juice Plus+ on the go!  These scrumptious bars are packed with protein and fiber to help you replace empty calories with healthy ones.  Low-glycemic.  Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Non-GMO.   Available in two varieties:
1.) Dark Chocolate & Fig
2.) Tart Cherry & Honey
5.) Juice Plus+ Tower Garden
Our vertical, aeroponic growing system allows you to grow up to 28 fruits, vegetables, and herbs in less than three feet of space, inside or outside your home.  Aeroponic gardens use water and nutrients instead of dirt.  Our Tower Garden grows plants three times faster and yields 30% more fruits, vegetables, and herbs than traditional gardening.  Check out the link below for more information.  You’ll be amazed how easy it is to start and maintain your own garden!
Do you have a question about a Juice Plus+ product or the amazing Tower Garden growing system?  Contact me any time at 203-981-8837 or email