How To Conquer The Dreaded Summer Bulge!



Ah, summer is here and ‘tis the season to bare all.  But unlike the adorable toddlers we once were, those folds and bulges aren’t nearly as cute!   

Summer is a time for celebrations which means parties, lots of delicious food & icy, cold beverages, late nights and letting ourselves go a bit.. because, you know… these are special times.  And while we’re having fun in the moment, the battle of the bulge ensues.

So what’s the key to winning?  How do we “have our cake and eat it, too?”

Here is what you need:

  1. DESIRE  How badly do you want that dreaded bulge to disappear?  Dig deep, be honest with yourself.  Grab a piece of paper and write down WHY this is important to you. Post it where you will see it or share it with a friend.  
  2.  PLAN What are some things you can do to begin making progress, and when will you start?  Who will join you?  Having a buddy or community of supporters always makes things easier. Click here to join my private Facebook group, “Moms On a Mission To Create Healthy Living.”
  3. ACTION  Desire and planning are critical, but action is where the rubber meets the road!  It’s time to get going so take that first step!

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Try this delicious recipe to get started.



3 Powerful Habits of Really Happy Moms


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the happiest moms I know and admiring how easy they make life seem.  It’s one of the hardest jobs on earth, yet these divas deal with the ups and downs with great poise and steadiness.  So what’s the secret?


Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal keeps these moms grounded. Of course life throw curve balls, but making a daily practice of focusing on the good each day makes a big difference. It can actually change your mindset. Expressing gratitude for good friends and family, or simply a warm cup of coffee or a good book, can provide a quick lift and keep life’s challenges in perspective.
  • Moms with goals are moms on fire! They live purposefully to make a difference in the world, in their families and communities. So even as the laundry piles up and the dishwasher needs unloading, they still have something of their own to feel happy and excited about.
  • They respect themselves. And everyone around them. How? They make healthy choices (most of the time), like eating clean food, getting proper sleep, and exercising regularly. They love helping others to do the same, and meet people where they are. But…. in case they fall short in the fruit & veggie department, they cover their bases! They love helping others to do the same, and meet people where they are. These moms are go-givers.
Does your family get at least 7-13 servings DAILY of fresh fruits, veggies & berries? For help filling the gaps, please contact me by clicking HERE.  The solution is easier than you think!  I promise.
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4 Smart Steps to Healthier Skin



We all strive for healthy, glowing skin and surely there’s no shortage of fabulous skincare products to choose from. As I talk to friends about what they like best, I have found that what works for some doesn’t work for others. Everyone has their favorites!

So what can you do to have healthier skin regardless of skin type and personal preferences?

  1. EAT. healthy foods. Load up on leafy greens, fruits and berries! Antioxidants combat free radicals and help slow and prevent the signs of aging. Lay off the sugar! Sugar binds to collagen and promotes wrinkles. Check out the recipe for the chicken mango salad I’ve shared below! It’s packed with antioxidant fighting ingredients like leafy greens, protein and mango.
  2. SLEEP. This really matters! During the day, your skin is protecting you from pathogens and helping to stabilize your body temperature. However, once you fall asleep, your skin is busy making collagen and elastin, the skin’s connective tissue responsible for firmness, tone and elasticity. Don’t shortchange yourself!
  3. RELAX. Reduce stress and keep a lid on cortisol. This hormone breaks down collagen and elastin and can lead to other skin conditions. Make time in your day for a little zen! Yoga anyone?
  4. PROTECT. Choose a brand of quality skincare you like and be sure to get broad spectrum coverage. This means the product will protect you against BOTH UVB and UVA rays. (UVB rays burn skin, and UVA rays can cause age-related damage.)  Both have been linked to skin cancer.
mango chicken salad
Get the recipe for this amazing salad HERE
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A New You Is Just One Step Away

community support
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”- Lao Tzu
Take your first or next step with us & let’s #takehealthyback together!
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When you join us you will get access to:
A 50-page step-by-step easy to follow “Shred Guide”filled with:
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2017 can still be your year to get healthy!
The good news is… you don’t have to go it alone!
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No Green Thumb? No Problem!

IMG_1629Even the most casual gardener knows the pain of that uninvited guest peeking through your painstakingly maintained garden! 
Panic sets in when you realize that unwelcome visitor may have brought friends.  Now you are left to worry about the vitality of your crop.
This is no way to live!   And that’s why weeding makes you wonder if there is another way.
Guess what?
There is!
Imagine walking out onto your patio, porch or deck and picking your own fresh produce.
Not just any produce – nutrient dense, tasty produce you can track right back to the source.
It gets better.  
cherry tomatoes
What if I told you there’s no dirt involved at all, no mess – just air and water – would you be interested?
Don’t wait!  Call me today, and I’ll tell you how you can throw away your weeding gloves and grow your perfect produce.  You’ll be glad you called – I promise.
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3 Tips To Stop The Constant Dieting For Good!

cheesecakeSo…  we all know someone who just seems to have those lucky “skinny” genes – you know, that friend who always seems to be able to order anything off the menu and not gain a pound.  

Sure she tries to talk to you about exercising in solidarity but who are we kidding, the 20 minutes a day she puts in 3 times a week is nothing compared to the hour you have to put in 7 days a week just to keep the weight off.  

You diet, try to watch what you eat and exercise, but despite your best efforts those 5, 10 pounds keep creeping back and get harder and harder to get rid of.

It’s not your fault.  
Between a house full of kids, your spouse, your job and everyone else in your life, this may be the only time someone says this to you, so I’ll say it again.  It’s not your fault!
Your gut has to take some of the blame here.  It turns out there are billions of microscopic bacteria (aka “microbes”) living in your gut that impact how you store fat.  
An early study compared gut bacteria between thin and obese twins.  It found that the microbes in the guts of the lean twin had a wider variety of Bacteroidetes, those microbes that are experts in breaking down food for energy rather than fat storage. 
So now that you know it’s not entirely your fault, can you fix it?  
To quote Bob the Builder, Yes you can!
To build a healthy and diverse gut ecosystem that supports energy creation, you want to:
1.    Eat a variety of healthy and satisfying whole foods,
2.    Fill the nutritional gaps in your diet, and 
3.    Pay attention to your body’s signals. 
Whenever you make any of the changes above, you should find that you are both less hungry and easily able to get rid of those puppy pounds!
Are you ready to put diets behind you forever?  Yes?  Me Too!  

Contact me and I’ll walk you through an easy, no diet process for getting that weight off and keeping it off while feeling your absolute best!
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Picky, Picky, Picky!

fussy boy
Do you remember when you were young and your mom tried to get you to eat those dreaded vegetables?  How you vowed never to torture your kids the same way? Probably! 
But you’re a good mom, and when it was your turn, you figured you would do better and season the vegetables just right for the perfect little soul in your life.  When that didn’t work, you didn’t give up; you paired the vegetables with cheese, peanut butter or those sauces that promise to get past your little one’s barriers.   When those efforts failed, you became an artist, creating shapes that would make Picasso proud.  Faced with continued resistance, you tried your hand at professional ventriloquism, throwing your voice with ease to produce airplane sounds, a train’s choo-choo or truck’s horn. 

Despite your commitment to marketing vegetables as absolutely fantastic, in the end, your child is just plain choosy and cannot be convinced.  It turns out there is some science behind your picky eater.  Your little one may be a supertaster!  You always knew your child was special, right?


In fact, researchers in Naples, Italy published a study titled, “Taste perception and food choices,” looking at about 100 children, their parents, and unrelated control adults. They used genetic studies on saliva samples to look for variations in genes for the TASR38 bitter taste receptors, along with a standardized assay for bitterness taste sensitivity using 6-propyl-2-thiouracil. Kids and adults who were very sensitive to the bitter taste of that chemical were classified as “supertasters.”  Basically your child may be really sensitive to the way food tastes.
So now what?!
Today many doctors will tell you not to worry, you can simply give your child a daily multi-vitamin, and they’ll get all the nutrition they need.  That advice, while well-meaning is not 100% accurate.  But don’t worry, I have the answers you need. 
Give me a call or send me an email and I’ll explain what you can do to make sure that nothing comes between your child and the vegetables they need to keep them mentally and physically fit. It’s so easy you’ll wonder what took you so long – promise!  I look forward to speaking with you. 

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The Secret to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Close up of woman shushing
We all make them.  But we rarely keep them.  What is it about New Year’s resolutions?  We always start out with the best intentions.  But after a few weeks (or months) we fall back into our old habits, and those wonderful resolutions become nothing more than a distant memory.
There must be a secret to keeping them, right?
There is.  New Year’s resolutions aren’t a matter of “good intentions.”  That’s the mistake most people make.  The manifestation of a resolution requires a change in lifestyle.  This kind of commitment begins in the mind, and that means you must develop a different mindset.
Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions every year is to eat healthier, but you can’t seem to stick with it.  Why not?  It’s because you didn’t change your mindset.  
Some people become vegetarian, vegan, or raw vegan and stick with it year after year.  How do they do it?  They develop a different mindset.
This occurs for a variety of reasons.  Some have been diagnosed with cancer or other serious illnesses.  Some are tired of living with chronic pain.  Others have struggled for years with weight loss issues.  
Whatever their reason, this is their “story.”  And that’s where you have to start.  What’s your story?  Attach it to your New Year’s resolution, and your mindset will change.
For example, let’s take my story.  Five years ago, I was diagnosed with low bone density.  It was a complete shock, so you can imagine how I panicked.  
Immediately, I began to search for answers.  I discovered stress and my standard American diet (SAD) were accelerating my condition and slowly killing me.  Yikes!  
I continued my research and learned a diet high in whole foods (fruits and vegetables) would counteract the negative effects of the SAD diet on my bone condition.  This information led to a resolution to change my diet to one that’s more plant-based and nutritious.  
When I attached this resolution to my story, my mindset and lifestyle changed.


How about you?  What’s your story?  Whatever it might be, attach it to your New Year’s resolution to change your mindset.  Soon your lifestyle will conform to your new mindset.  And before you know it, you’ll manifest your resolution!

Is your “story” one that requires a change in diet to one with more whole foods?  That change can be easier than you think!  Just click here  or call me at 203-981-8837 to learn more! 
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Sugar: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Excess sugar in your diet is toxic.  It’s been linked to many illnesses like heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more.
But this isn’t new information.  Most of us already know it.  Yet we eat too much sugar anyway.  Why?  Because sugar is tasty!
Well, here’s some good news for you.  All sugars are not created equal.  There’s good sugar, bad sugar, and ugly sugar (the really bad stuff).  Each one is metabolized at a different rate by the body, which determines its impact on blood sugar levels.
Fructose is the “good” sugar.  It’s found in ripe fruits, berries, and honey.  Natural fructose is primarily metabolized by the liver and has virtually no immediate impact on blood sugar levels.  Whole fruits in moderation are wonderful for you!  
Glucose is the “bad” sugar if you consume too much of it.  Glucose is digested quickly, so eating too many of the foods containing large amounts of glucose will overwork the pancreas.  Your body then begins producing lots of insulin to move all this glucose out of the blood stream and into the cells.  But your cells don’t need excessive amounts of glucose to function properly.  So the overage is stored in your body as fat.
Unnatural sugar is the “ugly” sugar.  This can be a combination of sugar molecules added to foods and beverages to sweeten them.  High fructose corn syrup is an example of a cheap, unnatural sugar! Large amounts of this kind of sugar have been linked to hypertension, obesity and diabetes!
Now you know why white sugar, processed white flour, cakes, cookies, candy, candy bars, pastries, soda, beer, liquor, pasta, processed fruit juice, etc., make you fat.  These foods contain too much sugar, so storing the overage as fat is the only way your body can cope with this imbalance.
Are you ready for more good news?  Ripe fruit will not only boost your immune system but it also satisfies your sweet tooth.  Yay!  
Eat ripe fruits and berries every day.  The enzymes they contain are natural healers.  Your immune system and gut love it! 
Don’t have time to eat lots of whole fruits, veggies & berries throughout the day?  No problem!  JuicePlus+ provides the immune-enhancing benefits of 30  RAW fruits, berries, vegetables, and grains in convenient capsule form.  Just click here or call 203-981-8837 to learn more about JuicePlus+ capsules, shakes, and meal bars! 


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How To Keep Your Kids Healthy All Year

Summer is over, your children are back in school, and that means cold and flu season is just around the corner.  Yikes!

Winter is always a health challenge.  But wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your children healthy all year long?  Well, you can, thanks to Mother Nature!

Did you know about 80% of your immune system is in your gastrointestinal tract?  It’s true.  That means the key to vibrant health is the gut, which thrives on the proper balance of good and bad bacteria.  Your goal is to nourish, strengthen, and protect the good bacteria in the stomach and intestinal tract.  That’s what keeps your immune system strong.

You do this by eating plenty of the nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that promote the growth of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.  Then the good bacteria will flourish and prevent the bad bacteria from damaging your immune system.

Begin by incorporating leafy greens like kale, spinach, romaine, and Swiss chard in your children’s meals, desserts, and snacks.  Fresh broccoli, cabbage, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are also a super boost for the immune system.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  Children can be picky eaters.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens aren’t at the top of their list of favorite foods.  True.  But that just means you’ve got to be more creative at mealtimes.    

For example, you can blend leafy greens with bananas, strawberries, or mango for a nutritious, super-delicious smoothie at breakfast or for a snack.  Seriously!

Just because the leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping that doesn’t mean your children will inevitably come down with stuffy noses, allergies, colds, and flu.  Vibrant health for your entire family is as close as the produce department at your local grocery store.  

Can’t get any easier than that, right?  Thanks, Mother Nature!


No time to blend tasty smoothies or whip up delicious raw vegan desserts for your children?  Not a problem!  Your kids can still enjoy the immune-enhancing benefits of 30 fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free grains in convenient capsule or chewable form.  Just follow this link or call me at 203-981-8837 to learn more about Juice Plus+ whole food nutrition, and how to get it FREE for children for 4 years, all the way through college.